Original Abstract Art On Sale

Shop a unique collection of affordable & modern abstract art by Karen Wickham

A beautiful home deserves beautiful, original artwork

Original artwork breathes life and colour onto bare walls and can truly transform your space. Choose from my unique collection of original abstract acrylic art, fluid art, alcohol ink art, or limited edition prints.

If you are seeking an original piece to specifically suit your space and décorCommissions are currently available.  

My style primarily features movement, and I strive to create modern art that exudes a sense of calmness, freeness and a dash of inquisitiveness.


Picked up my beautiful pink earrings today. Absolutely gorgeous and cant wait to wear them. Thank you Karen.

Bronwyn G.

Karen's creative artwork reflects the Free Spirit that resides in all of us. Enjoy seeing the colours and vibrancy around us which Karen portrays so vividly in her Art!

Carrie F.

A custom order which is gorgeous! Progress reports and pics sent to me. A very talented artist!

Deb K.

Why buy original art?

Be original. You own a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art that no-one else has. It’s not in anyone else’s home or being printed repeatedly for thousands of other consumers to purchase. It’s all yours and nobody else’s.

You’re supporting an artist/small business not a multi-national company with millions in profits. You know who created it and their process.

Hours of work and a lifetime of learning goes into creating each piece of artwork.

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